Lay Sod Now For A Beautiful Lawn Next Summer

Adding sod to your yard is the easiest way to obtain the lush, green lawn you have always wanted. The best time to lay sod is when the temperatures are moderate; in most regions, this will be during late spring and early fall. Weather conditions which are too hot or too cold can hamper the root growth of your new sod, making these mild times of year perfect. 

Preparing Your Lawn For New Sod

Once you either order your sod or have it delivered from the landscape supplier, you will want to get your lawn area leveled and cleared of obstructions before you begin installation. Once the area is tilled, remove all rocks, twigs and other debris from the lawn. Then, rake the area to ensure it is level; you may need to add quality top soil to any dips or low areas.

If your soil quality is poor, either too sandy or with too much clay, you may want to add either organic material or a layer of quality soil. Once the ground is ready, use a sod roller to compact down the soil and ensure it is level for laying your new sod. 

Caring For Your New Sod

Once the sod is installed, you will need to promote quick root growth to prepare it for the winter season. Your sod will need plenty of moisture, enough to penetrate approximately four inches down to the roots. Make sure your new grass is watered every day, either with rain or manually. It will take an estimated 2-3 weeks for the new sod roots to take hold, so keep people and pets off the sod until it has a chance to grow its root base. 

By laying your sod in the early fall, it will have plenty of time to mature before the winter weather hits. Over the next several months, your new grass can grow a strong root base which will ensure it will become the lush, green lawn that you envision for next summer.

Posted on behalf of Find Local Landscape Supply