3 Ways to Use Sand in Your Backyard

There are many gravel materials that are used in landscaping projects, including sand. Fine sand is an essential ingredient for creating some hardscapes, protecting water features and xeriscaping. Here are three ways that sand can be used in your backyard in your landscaping endeavors.

  1. Stone paving. If you are using flagstones, field stones or pavers to create a patio or walkway, sand can be an excellent filler for finishing your project. Sand can be used instead of mortar to fill the cracks between pavers for stabilization. Just pour sand over the pavers and sweep into the cracks.
  2. Sand boxes. Kids love to play in sand. If you have little ones at your home, you can create your own sand box where they can dig and play in the flowing mounds. But, keep in mind animals love sand, too. If you have cats in your backyard, they may have other ideas for your sand box. Build a cover to protect the sand from animals when not in use.
  3. Low-water gardens. Want a, low-water garden for your backyard? Use sand or a sand/loam mixture to make a low-water garden for cactus and other drought-resistant plants. These gardens can be beautiful and require little water or maintenance.

There are other uses for sand, such as a mix for concrete or to protect pool liners from weed growth. Sand can even be added to paint to create a non-slip surface. It is a good item to have on hand for many different landscape projects. Sand can be found at your local landscape supply store to complete any of these projects.

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