Stone Pavers – A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

There are almost an unlimited number of ways to add beauty, value, and enhance your enjoyment of your home using natural stone pavers or manufactured pavers.  Pavers is a generic term for natural stone, brick, or cast concrete blocks that are used to create all types of durable, attractive outdoor surfaces such as patios, walkways, pool decks and driveways.  Pavers are usually square or rectangular shaped although some manufactured pavers are made in a variety of interlocking shapes.

Your local landscape supply center will carry many different types and styles of pavers to fit your design and budget.  Natural stone pavers are cut from quarries or rock formations and can be almost any type of stone such as granite, travertine, slate or marble.  As the name suggests, natural stone pavers are not manufactured but are natural stone cut to the desired size and shape.  Natural stone pavers are typically not uniform in color and add a rustic beauty that is hard to beat.

Manufactured pavers include brick pavers and concrete pavers.  Brick pavers are similar to traditional bricks and are made from clay and kiln fired for hardness.  They are normally rectangular, red or tan colored and can be uniform in color or have subtle color variations.

Concrete pavers are manufactured in various shapes and sizes using colored concrete.  Because of the way concrete pavers are manufactured, they can create a tightly fitted, uniformly colored surface.  Various colors and shapes can be combined to create almost any pattern desired.

Whether using natural stone, brick or concrete, pavers are an attractive alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt surfaces.