Do I Need to Seal My Pavers?

Paving stones are a beautiful option for patios, driveways and walkways, adding a natural element to your outdoor areas. While natural stone pavers have many benefits, they still need protection to get the most from your investment. Sealant can add protection to your paved areas and prevent issues down the road. Here are some benefits of adding a quality sealant to your pavers after the project is completed.

  • Fade resistance. Natural stone pavers do offer some natural fade resistance, but they can still become dull after time. Sealant adds a protective gloss than enhances the natural color and intensity of the stone while preventing fading.
  • Maintenance. Improve the ease of maintaining your pavers with sealant that prevents stains. Oil and other substances like sap can absorb into stone; sealants put a protective barrier on the surface for easy removal of staining substances.
  • Water protection. Water can erode the sand between pavers and cause unlevel areas to occur. Sealant can dissipate water and allow it to run off instead of seeping between your pavers to cause erosion below.

When choosing a sealant for your pavers, you want one that is easy and quick to apply that will give you the results you prefer. Look for a sealant that can be applied when the pavers are still damp and offers a one-day application process. Water-based sealant offers environment-friendly benefits, reducing the chance of toxins in your soil and other harmful effects.

When planning your next paving project, talk to your local landscape supplier about the appropriate sealant for your pavers. This extra layer of protection can add beauty while preventing damage to your investment.

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