Choosing the Right Paver for Your Project

If you’ve ever shopped for paver stones at a landscape supply store, you know how many different options are available. Most homeowners are looking for only two basic factors when they’re shopping for pavers: price and color. However, there are many different options beyond those two factors which can make a big difference in the final look and function of your project. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your paver: 

What Style Am I Looking For?

Pavers come in three basic style categories: natural, classic and modern. Natural are pavers are or look very much like stone, perfect for casual or garden areas. Classic pavers have rounded or rough edges, giving an old-world look to your surface. Modern pavers are cut with straight edges, offering a clean, smooth appearance. 

What Size Is Best for My Project?

Pavers come in a wide variety of sizes, especially when choosing a modern style. If you’re creating a surface which will be used for walking or formal entertaining, you may want to choose large pavers. Larger pavers will require fewer joints and will create a level surface, which is better for stabilizing tables, chairs and offering a smooth surface for walking in high heels. 

What Options are Available in My Budget?

Once you decide the style and size, your landscape supply store can help you find the best options in your budget range. If you’re determined to have a natural stone path, yet cannot afford the natural stone options, there are often alternatives which can give you the look of stone at a lower cost. 

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