What Is Stone Ashlar?

If you are researching different types of natural stone available for paving, you may see the term “ashlar” used for certain stone pavers. Ashlar is not a type of stone, but a type of stonework or masonry. This means the stones have been cut into squares or rectangles to create right angles on all sides. This allows for easier paving and smaller gaps between stones for a smoother surface.

While most people would prefer the look of natural stone for their paved areas, manufactured pavers offer uniform pieces that are easier to use. Many natural stone pavers of flagstone or fieldstone come in irregular shapes. Some people prefer the natural-shaped stones that give a unique and varied appearance to their patio or other paved surface. However, for those that want a smooth surface with small joints between the pavers, square or rectangle pavers are a better option.

With natural stone ashlar pavers, you can still have the beauty and durability of natural stone with the convenience of a manufactured paver. Some quality quarries offer fieldstone or flagstone ashlar that are cut precisely into squares or rectangles for right angles when paving. You get the best of both worlds; a natural stone that will give you the flat surface you desire.

When buying natural stone ashlar, you want to find stone that has been expertly formed and cut for the right size and thickness. It is important to remember that since it is natural stone, there can be some variances in the surface. However, this is what gives stone its unique quality and appearance, making it more valuable and attractive for your paving project.

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