Natural Stone at a Lower Price

If you are considering using natural stone in any home improvement project, you already know that price is a major consideration. Natural stone is beautiful, unique and durable, adding value to your home. However, it is also very heavy, costing more for materials, shipping and labor on most products. While there are manufactured stone products, they are not true stone and do not have them same benefits. Another option is using thin stone that is less expensive, both in initial cost, shipping and labor.

There are a few different stone products that come in a thinner version. You still get the look and durability of natural stone, without the cost. Here are a few options that are available:

  • Stone veneer siding. Want to have a home that has a beautiful stone exterior? Natural stone veneer siding is an affordable option. This beautiful siding can give your home a stunning stone appearance without the cost of using entire stones in construction. It can be added to any home for a complete transformation of your exterior.
  • Thin sawn or stacked veneer. For covering walls, fireplaces or backsplashes, thin sawn veneer is a good option. Thin stone veneers are real stones cut thinly for easier installation and lower cost. You get the same benefits of manufactured products, but you are using natural stone that looks and lasts like a full natural stone product.

Don’t settle for fake stone when you can have the benefits of natural stone at a lower cost. Explore the options available by contacting your local quarry that offers thin natural stone veneer products. Whether you are building a new fireplace, kitchen, outdoor kitchen or residing your home, stone veneer can be the right option at the right price.

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