Landscaping With Natural Stone

When you are planning your next outdoor landscaping project, don’t forget to include stone.  Natural or manufactured stone adds a classic, beautiful appearance to any landscape feature.  Many different types of stone are available to fit every landscaping need.

Landscaping stone varies widely throughout the country, but it can be roughly grouped into categories based on its finish and use.  Pavers are natural flat stone, bricks, cobblestones, or manufactured cement or other hard blocks that are used to create driveways, walkways, patios, and other hard, flat outdoor surfaces.

Flagstones are natural flat stones that are harvested from a quarry.  Flagstones are sometimes split to get the desired thickness.  Flagstones can be used as pavers, but their surface is a little more uneven than manufactured pavers.  Also flagstones are normally irregularly shaped but can be worked into more or less regular shapes if needed for your project.  Flagstones are also used in many different landscape features including walls, benches, fireplaces, and ponds.

Fieldstones are natural stones harvested from the topsoil.  They are generally more or less flat, but they not as flat and are much more irregularly shaped than flagstones.  Fieldstone is used a wide variety of outdoor hardscapes including fireplaces, ponds, outdoor grills, benches, walls, and waterfalls.

Boulders are larger, irregularly shape, naturally occurring stones that are harvested like fieldstones.  They have recently become more popular as the trend toward natural landscaping has continued to grow.  Boulders make for a visually dramatic addition to many landscape designs such as waterfalls, ponds, and to add texture and character to flowerbeds and other areas.

No matter what your next landscaping project entails, you will be able to find a stone landscaping product to meet your needs.