Adding Natural Water Features to Your Landscaping

Do you wish you had a babbling brook or a serene waterfall in your backyard? You can with the addition of a natural water feature to your landscaping. Nothing is quite as soothing as the sound of moving water. Plus, water features are a great focus point for your landscaping and add a cooling sparkle to any yard.

Natural Water Feature Ideas

Changing your yard into a natural oasis starts with deciding what type of water feature you want to add. There are a few different options, each giving you a beautiful centerpiece for your landscaping. Consider these ideas:

  • Stone creek. You can create a creek or stream that flows across your yard. This works well for a sloped or hilly yard, but can be accomplished almost anywhere. Natural stones are needed to line the creek bed, with boulders used to accent the edges.
  • Everyone loves a waterfall. You can create a waterfall on a hill or slope, above a pool or spa, or in addition to a garden pond. Natural stone gives the backdrop, with water cascading over the rough edges for a natural appearance.
  • Garden pond. With or without a waterfall, a garden pond can add a serene, beautiful focus point for your landscaping. Add water plants and boulders around the edge for a natural look.

The trick to making a natural-looking water feature is using natural elements to create the illusion. Natural stone is one of the key ingredients to almost any natural water feature you create at your home. Before you begin, visit your local quarry to learn more about the natural stone available for your new water feature.

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