5 Creative Uses for Boulders in Your Landscape Design

What can you do with a large boulder in your yard? Plenty! Boulders can add depth and dimension to your landscape design in a variety of ways. There is something about natural stone that can add beauty to a yard that commonplace garden objects can’t offer. To give your landscaped yard a unique look, consider these five ideas for using boulders in your landscaping design.

  1. Focal point. Wherever you want to create a focal point, using a boulder can draw the eyes to that area. A giant boulder adorned with potted plants or maybe even flowers planted on the rock is a wonderful focal spot.
  2. Natural furniture. Do you have a fire pit in your backyard? Considering using boulders for natural seating around the fire. They will not burn or melt like many other outdoor chairs and offer a beautiful, natural look when not in use.
  3. Rock garden. Want to conserve water, yet need to fill your garden space? Create a rock garden with a few large boulders to add dimension and interest.
  4. Natural waterfalls. Want to create a beautiful waterfall in your yard? Large boulders can make an excellent base for your natural water feature.
  5. Edging. Boulders can create a natural edge and barrier for your yard or driveway. It is a great way to keep vehicles off your lawn with a beautiful edge of natural stone.

There is a wide variety of sizes, shapes and types of boulders available. Visit your local landscape supplier or quarry to find a large selection of boulders that can add beauty and depth to your landscape design.

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