4 Reasons to Use Stone Veneer

If you are planning a natural stone project for your home or outdoor space, consider the benefits of using stone veneer. Thin, natural stone veneers offers many of the same advantages of natural stone, but without many of the disadvantages. Stone veneers are becoming a popular option to get a beautiful, durable surface without the need for complete natural stones. Here are four reasons to use stone veneer in your next project.

  1. Beauty. The reason natural stone is so popular for patios, fireplaces and siding is the uncompromised beauty. Each stone is unique, giving you a customized beauty for any project you undertake.
  2. Lightweight. While natural stone is beautiful, it can be a pain to transport and put into place due to the weight. Stone veneers are lightweight in comparison, saving money on transport costs and making it easier to build your hardscape without the heavy lifting.
  3. Cost-effective. Natural stone adds value and beauty, but it can be very expensive. Stone veneers offer the same look, without the high cost. Stone veneers can save money while still creating the look you desire for your home.
  4. Durable. Even though stone veneers are thinner, they are still durable. Natural stone is scratch resistant and can last for decades, even in veneer form. You get the style and durability you want, only with less cost and strain than complete natural stones.

Using stone veneers can help you stretch your project budget while still getting the uncompromising benefits of natural stone. Visit your local quarry that offers thin stone veneers to learn more about how these beautiful stones can be used for your next stone hardscape project.

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