Time to Replace Your Mulch for Winter

Mulch helps make your landscaping look neat and tidy, but it also has functional properties. Mulch can protect your tree roots and help retain moisture in your soil. It can also limit weed growth, reducing your need to pull out weeds from your landscaped areas while adding nutrients to the soil. Many mulches can last a year or more, but a refreshing of mulched areas before winter is always a good idea for improved protection, while keeping your yard looking pristine.

So what type of mulch is best for your needs? There are several options, from different kinds of bark and tree mulch to pine straw. Here are some basics on some of the common mulches and their uses:

  • Pine Bark Mulch. Pine bark makes an excellent mulch, especially around trees and shrubs that enjoy an acid-rich soil. The pine bark can be dyed brown, red or black for aesthetic appeal.
  • Cypress Mulch. Cypress mulch is made from the entire tree, not just the bark. Like pine bark mulch, it works well for tree roots. It also has a pleasant odor and helps repel insects, which makes it a common mulch for use in playgrounds and daycares play areas.
  • Pine Straw. Pine straw can be an affordable mulch for large areas and works well for sloped areas where other types of mulch may roll or slide.

These are just a few of the mulches available to help landscape your yard. Talk to your local landscape supply store to determine which mulch will be best for your applications. You may want to use different types for various areas for aesthetic and practical purposes.

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