Mulch Uses and Types

Mulch is a commonly used in many different landscaping projects, both as decoration and as an insulator. While most people will think of wood chips as mulch, there are many different types of wood mulch, each of which are used for different purposes. Knowing the difference can help you choose the right mulch for your next gardening or landscaping project.

Types of Wood Mulch

Different varieties of wood are used in mulches, each with their own uses. Mulch breaks down over time, so using a mulch that will release the right nutrients into the soil is important. Also, some mulches will decay faster, which is not always preferable.  Here are a few of the more popular mulch types and how they are often used: 

  • Pine bark mulch. Typically, the quickest-decaying mulches are those made from pine bark. Since it will break down quickly, it is best used around trees or plants which do best with an acid rich soil.
  • Red oak mulch. Red oak mulch will last longer than pine bark before it begins to decay. Many people prefer the natural color of the red oak.
  • Cypress mulch. For playgrounds and other walking areas, cypress mulch is used due to its ability to repel mud and insects.
  • Dyed mulches. For aesthetic appeal, many people prefer dyed mulches to accent their gardens and yards. Dyed mulches also break down slower than both pine and red oak mulches. 

To ensure you get the best mulch for whatever project you are undertaking, consult with your local landscape supplier. They can advise you about which mulch will work best for your needs, and give you pointers on how to apply it.

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