Is Mulch Necessary for Your Plants and Trees?

You see mulch in most landscaping, usually around shrubs, bushes, trees and larger plants. Whether it is bark mulch, pine straw or another option, you will rarely see a professional landscaping design that does not use mulch. There is a reason that mulch is used by landscapers; they know it has many benefits beyond just a nice look. However, is it necessary to mulch around your plants and trees?

The quick answer to this question is no. No, it is not necessary to mulch, but it is a good idea. Mulch offers protection and insulation for the plants and trees you use it around. This helps protect the roots from cold weather and retains moisture in the soil. As mulch breaks down, it can add organic nutrients to the soil that can feed your trees and plants. Plus, it keeps weeds at bay that destroy the look of your landscaping and steal nutrients from your other plants.

All mulch is different, but it is usually best to add mulch in the spring and fall to replenish any that erodes or breaks down into the soil. Fall mulching helps protect roots during the winter and spring mulching helps give your plants the added moisture protection they need before summer.

All in all, mulch is beneficial for most larger plants and trees, making it an excellent addition to your landscaping. To determine what type of mulch is the best option for your landscaping, talk to your local landscape supplier who offers several types of mulch. They can help you decide which is best and how often it should be applied for the best results.

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