Choosing the Right Mulch for Your Landscaping

Mulch is used for a variety of reasons in landscaping, from weed and erosion control to insulating tree roots and retaining soil moisture. However, there are many options when choosing which mulch to use. Most landscapers prefer organic mulches that breakdown and improve the soil, although inorganic mulches can also be used. Hardwood, pine bark, pine straw and even manure can be used as mulch, along with dyed varieties. Here are some of the uses for some popular mulches.

  • Cypress mulch. For playgrounds, cypress mulch is often used as it is a natural deterrent to insects. In some states like Georgia, daycare centers with outside play areas are required to use cypress mulch.
  • Dyed hardwood mulch. For attractive mulching, dyed hardwood mulch is an excellent choice. Mulch is usually dyed in browns, reds and black. Make sure the dyed mulch is eco-friendly, using dyes that won’t release toxins into the soil.
  • Pine Straw. Pine straw is a great covering for sloped areas. Pine straw mulch does not move as easily and can help deter erosion.
  • Pine bark mulch. For protecting tree and shrub roots, pine bark mulch is an excellent choice, especially trees that prefer an acid-laden soil.
  • Compost. Manure and even peanut shells can be used in compost mulch which can help protect soil while adding nutrients.

Still not sure which mulch will be best for your landscaping? Call your local landscape supply company that offers several varieties of mulch. They can help you choose the best mulch for your needs and offer you advice on how often to replace or add new mulch to your landscaping.

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