Advantages of Using Organic Bark Mulch

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to think about adding new mulch to your landscaping. Mulch is beneficial for protecting the soil, keeping in the moisture your plants and trees need. In addition, it can help with weed control, erosion and helps improve the aesthetics of your property. There are a wide variety of options at your disposal when choosing a mulch type, including organic bark mulch. For many purposes, bark mulch can offer several advantages over other varieties.

  • Add nutrients. Bark mulch is made from trees, which will decompose and add nutrients to the soil. Each type of wood breaks down at a different rate, with pine being one of the fastest while dyed bark mulch will decompose more slowly.
  • Longer moisture protection. While you can use grass clippings and compost for mulch, they tend to decompose faster, leaving your soil unprotected. Bark can last a year or longer, helping maintain moisture in your soil.
  • Weed control. Bark mulch is great for weed control, once again better than grass or compost, keeping those pesky weeds from sprouting up in your landscaping.
  • Cleaner yard. Using bark mulch makes for a cleaner yard, easily staying in place and keeping your shoes clean when you walk over it. Other types of mulch can stick to shoes and be washed or blown away in poor weather.

When you get ready to begin your spring planting and landscaping, make sure to invest in some beautiful bark mulch for your yard. Bark works great around the base of trees or in focal landscaped areas where you want to control weed growth. To save time, find a local mulch provider who offers delivery service.

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