Polymeric Sand


Polymeric sand is the material used to fill the joints or gaps between stone or brick pavers in driveways, patios, and walkways.  Polymeric sand is designed to help hold stonework in place and keep it from shifting.  This resistance to shifting is called interlock.  Polymeric sand enhances interlock and stabilizes stonework. 

Until a few years ago, common sand was used to fill the joints that naturally occur in stone or brick pavers.  The sand would be swept into the joints and typically coated with a sealant that hardened the upper layer of sand.  This process worked reasonably well, but it was susceptible to being washed out by heavy rain, and also weeds and grass were often able to grow in the joints. 

Polymeric sand is a big step forward in joint filler for outdoor patio, driveway, and walkways.  Polymeric sand uses a water activated synthetic polymer to bind the sand particles and create a firm, water resistant joint filler.   Polymeric sand is applied like regular sand by sweeping or brushing it into the joints.  Once all the sand is brushed off of the stone and into the joints, water is misted over the stonework until it penetrates the sand.  The water activates the polymer, which hardens and binds the sand.

In addition to its excellent stabilizing properties, polymeric sand helps prevent water intrusion under your stonework which can lead to your stonework shifting or deforming.  Also, properly applied, polymeric sand prevents the growth of weeds and grass in the joints.  Finally, polymeric sand does not wash away so you do not have to continually replenish the joint sand for your stonework.