Choosing the Right Polymer for Your Stone Pavers

Are you finally getting started building that patio or walkway that you have been dreaming of for your outdoor area? If you decided to attempt to build your paved area yourself, you have a few choices to make. Are you going to use natural stone pavers or man-made? What colors or type of pavers will work best for your design? Then finally, what polymer should you buy to fill in between those pavers? As important as the pavers are, without the right polymer your pavers will not last so it is important to know your best options.

Why Polymer?

You may be wondering why you need polymer at all to pave. After all, won’t sand work just as well? Actually, in most cases, no. Sand will fill in the cracks but it also needs to be sealed, erodes quicker and does not control weeds as well. Polymer is quicker, more efficient and can last much longer than sand.

There are many types of polymer products available for paving but there are two that can work well for most paving projects: gator dust or polymeric sand. For wider cracks, gator dust is the best solution. It can quickly be used to fill the cracks then creates a solid mortar when water is added. For fine or thin cracks, polymer sand can be used to keep pavers in place and prevent weed growth.

When you get ready to purchase your pavers from your local landscape supply store, make sure to also ask what polymer products they carry. They can help you determine which will work best for your needs and how much polymer filler will be required to complete your paved area.

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