Modular Block Retaining Walls

Often residential and commercial properties will need retaining walls in various locations in order to create level areas where the grade changes significantly.  While natural stone retaining walls are preferred by a majority of people, often the cost involved in the labor and the materials makes a natural stone retaining wall cost prohibitive.  Modular block retaining walls provide a cost effective alternate, while still providing an attractive and functional retaining wall.

Modular block walls are pre-engineered “gravity walls”, which means the weight of the wall as well as the mass keeps it in place.  The nature of the product allows for many design options, including curves, while the lack of earthwork requirements in site preparation speed the construction.  The modular blocks are interlocking units simply stack on top of each other, resulting in reduced build times for the wall, especially when compared to a natural stone wall.  Since the wall is “dry stacked” with no mortar, the wall is permeable, which relieves hydrostatic pressure, as the moisture passes thru the wall.  The final product is attractive, functional and maintenance free!

Those in need of a cost effective retaining wall system should consider a modular block wall!  Currently there are five different types of modular block available, which while yielding different appearances, still result in an excellent retaining wall. The modular block supplier has a number of professional customer service professionals who are knowledgeable, helpful and experienced in modular block retaining walls.  They are there to assist in determining the best option for each specific wall application.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone