Creative Landscaping Uses for Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are a cost-effective landscaping element that are very versatile and easy to incorporate into your yard. Most railroad ties are very sturdy with approximate dimensions of 7” x 9” x 8’ but can vary slightly. The rough exterior can create a rustic look if desired, or they can be used as covered support for many different projects. Here are some creative ways to use sturdy railroad ties in your landscape design.

Flower Beds or Garden

Want to build an above-ground flower bed or garden? Railroad ties are perfect and easy to use. They can be stack 2-3 high to build an 8’ x 8’ garden bed to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables. Railroad stakes can be used to keep them in place, then fill the box with nutrient-rich soil from your local landscape supplier.


Railroad ties make a great edging or border for your garden areas if you like the rustic look. They can also be a great border for your driveway to keep vehicles off your lawn.

Retaining Walls

If you are building a retaining wall, railroad ties are hefty and sturdy, making them a good choice for low walls. Railroad ties are excellent building materials that are easier to use for straight walls and usually less expensive than many types of stone or pavers.


Railroad ties can make an interesting fence, with posts that can last for decades. They are much thicker than average fencing, creating a unique look that is very sturdy.

Your local landscape supplier with ample space is the place to go for railroad ties. Due to their size, only suppliers with room for these large timbers keep them in stock. Call around your area to find a supplier that can fill your order to use railroad ties for your next landscaping project.

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