Uses for Natural Sand in Landscaping

Are you planning a project that will require sand? There are many landscaping and home improvement projects that use sand as a material. From creating a play area for the kids to paving a patio with natural stone, sand can be a useful material for your home projects. However, it is important to choose the right sand for your projects. Here are some of the landscaping and other home projects that may require sand and the right sand to buy for the best results.

  • Sand is perfect for helping stabilize pavers and fill the cracks between the stones. It can be poured before the pavers are lain, then swept into cracks to keep pavers in place and reduce weed growth. Granite dust is a good choice for this type of project.
  • Leveling lawns. There are types of grasses that require leveling with the use of sand. Some grasses that benefit from river sand leveling include Zoyzia, Bermuda and Centipede.
  • Sand boxes and playgrounds. For a sand box or sand for around swing sets and slides, white beach sand is preferable. You will want white sand that has been screened to remove impurities.
  • River sand can be used to help improve drainage in soils and gardens.
  • Masonry. Masonry uses sand to create mortar and cement; natural sand can have advantages to manufactured varieties due to the smooth exteriors of granules.

While manufactured sand can have its benefits for some applications, natural sand can be a wise choice for your home projects. If you need sand for a project, visit your local landscape supplier that offers natural sand options.

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