3 Projects Made Easier with Paver Blocks

If you are attempting to improve your landscaping or outdoor area with hardscapes, you want to make it as simple as possible. Many DIY projects can go wrong, costing you more in money and time than if you hired a contractor. When it comes to hardscapes, you want a material that is easy to work with to ensure your project turns out the way you hoped. Pre-formed paver blocks are a great option for many hardscapes. Here are three projects that can be made easier with the use of pavers.

  1. Retaining walls. Building a retaining wall is not as easy as it looks. Pavers can help make it a little easier by giving you interlocking pieces that stack together perfectly. Depending on the wall and pressure, some paver retaining walls will not even need mortar.
  2. Patio. Building a new patio can be easy to do right when you use uniform pavers. In most cases, you can use the sand and sweep method to hold them in place. This means no cement or mortar and you can readjust your pavers as needed for design or repairs down the road.
  3. Raised gardens. Want to build raised flower or vegetable gardens in your yard? Paver blocks are perfect for forming square, rectangle or even circular enclosures to fill with soil for planting. For circular gardens, ask your landscape supply store for circular pavers that are curved on the edge.

When starting a new hardscape project using pavers, visit your local landscape supply for advice on purchasing the right pavers for your job. You can also pickup sand, mortar or other supplies you need, all in one stop.

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