Protect Your Lawn with Decorative Boulders

Do you have a driveway that borders your lawn? Many homes have this configuration and it can be detrimental to the health of the lawn. Vehicles that back onto the lawn or veer off the driveway can dig in tire tracks and make it hard to maintain healthy grass. While a fencing is one option, if it is hit, it will need repair. Another solution? Use decorative boulders to border your driveway to protect your lawn and add an interesting touch to your landscaping.

Using Boulders for Your Driveway Border

If keeping tires off your lawn has been a challenge, boulders can be an excellent deterrent. They are a natural, beautiful addition to your landscaping, but can stand up to abuse. Boulders do not need to be repainted or repaired if someone hits them; the same may not be true for the offending vehicle. It can ensure that those visiting your home stay off your lawn and remain on the driveway, protecting your lawn.

To add a boulder border to your driveway, visit your local landscape supply store that offers natural stone. You want boulders that are at least 18-inches high, large enough that they cannot easily be drove over without hitting a bumper. You will want to place them no farther than five-feet apart so that vehicles cannot drive between them. Measure the length of your driveway and divide by five for the number of boulders needed for each side. Many suppliers offer delivery, making it easy to get these large rocks to your home.

Not only do boulders look lovely and protect your lawn, they require little maintenance and will last a lifetime. Visit your local landscape supplier and explore the options for making your driveway boulder border.

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