Decorate and Protect with Defense Boulders

Are you looking for options to protect your lawn, business or home from vehicles? Perimeter barricades are used to keep vehicles from entering areas for safety and protection, but not all are esthetically pleasing. One option that can add beauty and protection for your home or business is defense boulders. Here are some benefits to using boulders for your perimeter protection needs.

  • Natural beauty. Unlike boring bollards, boulders are natural and irregularly shaped for a beautiful look for your perimeter protection needs. They blend in with your landscaping while providing a valuable function.
  • No painting/repairs. The only thing that will need paint or repairs if someone hits your defense boulders is the vehicle. Boulders will stand up to almost any vehicle and will look no worse for the wear if they are hit, unlike metal or wood bollards. Low maintenance is one of the best benefits of using boulders for perimeter protection.
  • Durability. Defense boulders will last for decades, a worthy investment for your home or business. They do not rust and are unlikely to break, even after many years of service.
  • Excellent protection. Whether you just want to protect your lawn from vehicles driving on the grass or are protecting your business from attack, boulders offer excellent protection. They are functional, yet beautiful, for the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a way to protect your perimeter without making your home or business look like a military fortress, defense boulders are a wonderful option. You can find large boulders suitable for perimeter protection through local quarries; many will deliver and place your boulders since they tend to be difficult to transport and move.

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