Accent Your Yard With Big, Beautiful Boulders

If you are designing your landscaping with a natural theme, boulders can be the perfect accent pieces for an authentic, natural appeal. Nothing can compare to natural stone in terms of lending a touch of nature to your yard which will last a lifetime. While they may be heavy to move, once they are in place they will outlast almost everything in your yard. With a little creativity, you can incorporate these durable stones into your landscaping design as beautiful and natural fixtures. 

Ideas For Landscaping With Boulders

Boulders add a certain rustic flare to your yard, beautiful in a way that only Mother Nature can provide. There are many ways to add these behemoth rocks into your landscaping to make them appear as if you built your yard around them instead of adding them on after the fact. Some great ways to use boulders include: 

  • Borders. Boulders come in all sizes, from bowling ball size to a few feet wide. Use smaller boulders to build a natural stone border for gardens, offering a natural break between your lawn and planted areas.
  • Accents. Large boulders are perfect to accent areas to which you wish to draw attention, or to define the end of one space and the beginning of another. Larger boulders can be used as plant holders or even natural chairs within your garden.
  • Water features. One of the best uses of boulders is in and around water features. Create a beautiful border for your pond or steps for water to cascade over.  You can even create a mini creek bed with boulders that winds through your back yard. 

Talk to your local landscape supplier about ways to use boulders to give your back or front yard a rustic and natural appeal. Many suppliers can even deliver these large rocks right to your home to make it easier to use these great landscape enhancers.

 Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone, Inc.