Does Your Driveway Need New Gravel?

As winter approaches, it may be time to inspect your gravel driveway to ensure it’s ready for the wet months ahead. All driveways require some type of maintenance, and gravel driveways are no exception. Over the years, the gravel which makes up your driveway can shift or settle, causing potholes and ruts where water can collect. Now is the perfect time to add some gravel to patch those holes and uneven areas, and to make sure your driveway will be ready for the colder, wetter winter season. 

Repairing Your Gravel Driveway

If you have an existing gravel driveway which just needs a new crown or has a few holes which should be filled, you can do these repairs yourself. The first step is to inspect your driveway to determine what action is needed. During the inspection, ask yourself: 

  • Are there any potholes or ruts that need filling? How many, and what width and depth?
  • Does the entire surface need a new covering of gravel?
  • Does your driveway still crown in the middle? Gravel driveways should peak in the center to allow for drainage. 

Once you determine what needs to be fixed, make sure you take down the dimensions of your driveway, as well as the holes you will be filling. You will need to order gravel from your landscape supplier which you can either have delivered or haul yourself. For filling holes, larger gravel such as #57 will generally work. For the top layer, a smaller gravel like #21 is usually a good choice. 

After you have the gravel, start by filling in holes and ruts with your larger rocks. Then, cover these areas with the smaller gravel. Once you have added gravel to all areas that need enhancing, rake and spread the gravel level, with a peak at the center.

Posted on behalf of Find Local Landscape Supply