Choosing the Right Gravel for Your Driveway

Gravel is one of the most affordable materials for driveways, creating a durable surface that doesn’t require high maintenance. However, it is not as simple as just pouring down a top coat of gravel over a dirt base. For proper strength, drainage and durability, you need a combination of gravel types to build a solid gravel driveway that will last for years to come.

A quality gravel driveway should consist of at least three layers of gravel of different types. You need a base layer with larger stones, a middle layer with medium size rocks and a top layer with the small gravel. Using these three steps while tampering down each layer can create the durability and drainage you need. Here are the three gravel types that are often used for driveways:

  • Base layer. The bottom base layer should be #1 angular gravel with stones about four-inches in diameter, the size of a baseball. The angular gravel is not round, but crushed rock that works well for stabilizing driveways.
  • Middle layer. For the second layer, medium-sized angular #4 gravel should be used in a four-inch layer. This will bind with the bottom layer to create a solid foundation.
  • Top layer. For the last layer, small gravel about the size of a coin should be used in another four-inch coating. Typically, #57 gravel works well for this layer.

Choosing the right type and size of gravel for your driveway can make a big difference in how long it will last. Talk to your local landscape supplier that offers various sizes of gravel for more tips on building your new driveway.

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