Adding A Beautiful Garden Path To Your Yard

A garden path can protect your lawn from being trampled while adding dimension and beauty to your yard. Armed with a shovel, rake, edging and some gravel, your landscaping professional can make a pretty garden path in relatively short order that will last for years. A quick conversation with a landscaper, and you can get started on your garden path right away. 

Designing Your Garden Path

Before you head to the store, you need to know how much gravel you will need for your pathway. Map out where your path will start and end, measuring for length. Most pathways should be at least 18 inches wide for a single-person walk. To determine how much area you will need to cover with gravel, multiply the total length by the width of the path. This will give you the area you need. 

Working with your landscaping professional, together you can choose the type of gravel you want to use for the project. Pea gravel is a common choice, and it is fairly inexpensive. You can also use 1/4” minus or decomposed granite as well. You will need enough gravel to cover your total area at least 3 inches deep. Through your landscaper, you’ll also need to purchase edging for your path to keep your gravel in place and possibly some landscape fabric to keep weeds at bay. 

To build your path, the landscaping professional will start by digging down about 3-6 inches for your path. Once complete, then he or she will place your landscape fabric and edging before filling the path with gravel. Last but not least, the gravel will be smoothed and shaped in order to complete your gravel garden path. In just a day, you’ll have a beautiful garden path that will improve your lawn and be used for many years to come!

Posted on behalf of Clayton Hulen, Green Brothers Earth Works