The Exquisite Versatility of Flagstone

Flagstone is a natural stone with timeless appeal that has had extraordinary staying power in both residential and commercial landscaping. Roughly-hewn, highly-textured flagstone slabs are the stuff of picturesque, rustic walkways while geometrically-shaped, smooth flagstone pavers are used for all sorts of hardscaping, from steps and patios to retaining walls and pillars. Flagstone also has indoor applications; a gracefully-aging, natural flagstone floor adds solidity and understated grandeur to any kitchen, hallway or wine cellar and brings an earthy, outdoor ambiance to indoor settings.

Naturally occurring flagstones are cut from limestone, bluestone, slate and sandstone rock outcrops. The irregular colors, shapes, sizes and textures of natural flagstones are a key aspect of their distinct charm and appeal, since no two flagstones are ever the same. Nowadays, there are many manufactured concrete and composite products on the market that imitate the look of natural flagstone. While these may have their uses, it is helpful to know that artificial flagstones do not have the durability or special weathering qualities of their natural counterparts.

Outdoor flagstone elements such as walkways or patios can be installed in a number of ways. Flagstones can be set directly into soil or sand. Natural flagstones are fairly heavy and once tamped down into the ground, they will hardly budge. On the other hand, flagstones can be set down on a concrete base and jointed with mortar for a more stable, permanent installation.

Flagstones also allow for versatile layout effects. Setting flagstones close together creates a patio effect while setting them further apart yields a playful “steppingstone” look. Flagstones may be evenly spaced for more formal walkways or randomly spaced in an informal path. There is also the option of planting creeping thyme or other groundcovers in the crevices between flagstone rocks to reduce soil erosion and achieve a truly rustic look.

Whether you are bordering a garden or building a walkway, elegant, hardwearing flagstone is an excellent choice for your exquisite landscape designs.