Caring for Your Flagstone Patio

Flagstone makes a beautiful patio to enjoy and brings a natural element to your outdoor living space. It can last for decades and is a wonderful choice for creating a lovely patio for your home. Flagstone is also low maintenance, but it is not completely without need for care. Weeds can grow between the pavers and moss can overtake the surface if your pavers are not maintained. To keep your flagstone patio looking beautiful, here are a few tips.

  • Preventing moss. Moss loves to grow on wet rocks and flagstone can be inviting to the green fungi. You can clean moss off your flagstone by scraping it away, but it will come back if you don’t plan for prevention. Dryness and light are your best tools to keep away moss. Keep sprinklers away from your pavers and cut back branches to let sunshine warm your stones to prevent moss growth.
  • Weed prevention. While you can pull the weeds and grass between your pavers or use weed control solutions, you will want to consider having the pavers reset for smaller spaces if you continue having weed growth. A professional paver installer can help reset your flagstone and add preventive fillers to reduce the number of weeds and keep maintenance low for your patio.

If you are only considering adding a flagstone patio, understanding the simple ways to keep it beautiful should be another selling point. Unlike many other patio materials, flagstone is naturally meant to withstand the elements and has already survived for many years in the outdoors. It is a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space and is easy to keep looking wonderful if you know the tricks to keep moss and weeds away.

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