3 Ways to Use Flagstone into Your Next Landscape Project

Do you love the look of flagstone? This gorgeous stone can add a natural beauty to many different hardscapes in your landscaping. If you are updating your outdoor living space or yard, there are many inspirational ways to incorporate flagstone into your next landscaping project. Here are three ideas on how to use this popular stone.

  1. Fire pits and fireplaces. A flickering fire on your back patio can warm up cool nights and extend the evenings you can enjoy your outdoor space. Flagstone can make an excellent covering for your fireplace or fire pit, as well as the surround area. The stone is naturally fire resistant and durable enough to last for decades.
  2. Garden pathways. Flagstone makes a wonderful walk or pathway paving material. The varying colors and forms fit naturally as stepping stones through your gardens, a front walkway or a path around your home. You can use sand between the stones or ground covering plants to fill the spaces.
  3. Create a natural stone stairway. Flagstones can be used as stair treads for slopes and hills on your property. You can choose the natural irregular shapes or choose flagstone that is cut into uniform slabs for even stair treads. The flagstone blends perfectly into the slope, while still adding an easier option for going up and down steep areas.

Flagstone is a stunning option for building many different types of hardscapes in your landscape design. Check out the different shapes, colors and sizes of flagstones at your local quarry or landscape supplier to find the best options for your next natural stone landscaping project.

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