Building a Stone Patio? Don’t Forget Your Polymer Product

If you have decided to build a beautiful stone patio, congratulations! Natural stone patios are a gorgeous addition to any home, adding value and quality to your outdoor area. Your main concern may be the type of stone you will use. Flagstones are a popular option due to their flat, long surface, but there are other options. However, there is another aspect you must consider. What type of polymer product will you use? To stabilize your stones, you need the right polymer to hold them in place and fill in the gaps between your stones. Here are two options. 

Sand Polymer

If the gaps between your stones will be thin, you may want to use sand polymer for filling in the cracks. Sand polymer is perfect for stones that are cut or made to fit closely together. If the gaps are as little as 1/8 of inch thick, you need the tiny granules of sand polymer to fit in this narrow area.

Gator Dust

For larger gaps between your stones, nothing works better than gator dust. This blend of polymer binders and stone effectively fills gaps up to four inches. It is also easy to use. You can spread the dust into the cracks, sweep away the excess and then just water the gator dust between the stones. This will harden, creating a solid substance like cement between your large patio stones.

Creating a beautiful stone patio can give you years of enjoyment at your home. Make sure you choose a quality supplier for both your stones and polymer product to ensure you get the best materials for your outdoor area.

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